The hot summer passed, and it’s now time to come back and cook some marvelous pull requests for your favorite projects!

We’re also busy preparing some excellent stuff for Mergify. As you noticed, we did not announce any new features for a while now, and there’s a reason for that.

The engine that has been in production for that last month was our MVP, and, while it delivered terrific value (that’s what our users say), it had its limitation. Implementing new features on top of it was going to be challenging. Anyhow, it’s running like a champ’ and is merging pull requests for more than 1,000 repositories.

We had time to think about what we wanted to build and where we wanted to bring Mergify in the future, maturing our vision, which led us to work on a version 2 of the Mergify engine. By the way, if you want to follow and participate, keep in mind that our engine is open source.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise (though you can read the code yourself to do so!), but this new engine should bring a few changes and nifty features on the table. Be sure we’ll talk about them when everything’s ready for prime time.

In the meantime, keep requesting pulls from your favorite projects!