This week, your awesome Mergify team was at the latest meetup organized by GitHub. It happened on the 26th March 2019 in the Doctolib office — thanks to them.

Three talks were scheduled — one of them being from yours truly — before the pizza party was ready to be started.

First, two engineers from Doctolib talked about how they leveraged GitHub in their development workflow. From development tasks to deployment, they showed everything and even did a production deployment in front of the audience!

Then, it was my turn to talk about Mergify. I’ll share the slide deck below for interested people!

My presentation of Mergify went well and it was a pleasure to share our solution with everyone!

Finally, Alain Helaili showed us the new nifty features from GitHub, and especially the GitHub Actions.

The rest of the evening was a fine excuse to chat with a few people and explain how Mergify worked. It was a fun night, thanks Doctolib!